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Scrap Tire
TTDA is tackling the ongoint issue with scrap tire and finding the best solution for tire dealers in Tennessee.

TTDA is your only voice in goverment through lobbying and regulatory monitoring, including scrap tire, that may affect you and your business. Constant monitoring of the scrap tire issues in Tennessee. TTDA lobbies for a free drop off (no tipping fee) in every county.

Educational Programs and Convention
Furthering your awareness and increasing your knowledge on issues and techniques to enrich your business

TTDA keeps an eye on the future of tomorrow by offering a scholarship to two deserving students each year.

The association keeps its members up-to-date through the quarterly newsletter, revised website and other member communications.

TTDA offers numerous additional benefits to its membership including discounts on issurance, uniforms, and paper products to a human resources consultant and its constantly searching for new benefits


Preferred Providers=Direct Savings

Tennessee Tire Dealers Association has a number of preferred providers that provide deep discounts and cost savings to your company.

Web Site Solutions

50 Below


Regardless of whether or not you have a Web site, 50 Below will assess your needs and provide the exact business solution for your success on the Web! From essential features like preloaded product catalogs to the impressive intelligence behind all of our systems, what you need is here. We'll make your experience fast, easy, and affordable! For more information or to sign up, contact Jon Napoli at (888) 781-6934 or email him at jon.napoli@50below.com.

Insurance  Federated Insurance


Federated Insurance offers property, liability, group, life, health, workers compensation, and financial protection services.


Collection Service - I.C. System

Proven collection programs that can effectively help you recover the money you are owed. I.C. System provides a range of services for usually under $10 per account.

Business Forms  Royal Business Forms, Inc

  • Register and work order forms
  • Personalized envelopes, labels, tags, and letterhead
  • Laser format forms
  • Checks
  • Receipt books
  • Stock computer paper

P.O. Box 5868 * Arlington, TX 76005
800-255-9303 * 817-640-5248
Fax: 817-633-2164


Employee Relations  SESCO Management Consultants

  • Management consultant service
  • Labor negotiation service
  • Grievance and arbitration
  • Employee communication



Uniform Service



Nashville: 615-255-0535
Cookeville: 931-520-1215
Memphis TN: 901-795-5345

Louisville: 502-499-9820
Evansville: 812-479-1530

Competitive pricing from uniforms to mops priced as low as $4.18 per week/employee.


Office Depot

Office Depot and TTDA have partnered to offer special pricing to ALL TTDA members. This preferred procurement program offers DEEP DISCOUNTS which allow you to SAVE money, enabling you to use those valuable resources elsewhere.

  • No cost to join. No fees. No obligations.
  • Low price guaranteed. Save up to 70%!
  • Order online or visit any Office Depot location.

MEMBERS: Visit the Members Only section of the website to login in to the Office Depot portal.


COMING SOON: AutoZone. Stay tuned for more information on the exclusive 4 tier pricing scale. Only available to TTDA members!


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