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Tennessee Tire Dealer Association Hall of Fame

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To honor those individuals who played a significant role in the growth and development of the Tire Industry and the Tennessee Tire Dealers Association (TTDA). Membership in the Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those individuals who have achieved success within this industry, as well as, public service for the community at large where they work and live. Either regular and/or honorary members, suppliers, or associate members from TTDA are eligible.


One must have been a dealer or supplier and a member of the TTDA in good standing for the period of contribution; provided outstanding advancement within the Tire Industry and TTDA through personal achievement, leadership, and example.


  1. The annual quota for inductees will be two per year.

  2. Candidates must have served within the Tire Industry and TTDA for a minimum overall length of time totaling five years.

  3. The Hall of Fame committee will present candidates to the board of TTDA, a majority of 2/3 vote is needed for induction.

  4. All direct participation in the selection decisions will be handled by the Hall of Fame Committee.

Tennesse Tire Dealers Association Hall of Fame Recipients


  • Jim Barber
  • Harold Coker
  • Doc Holiday
  • Shaw Jared
  • Milton Jones
  • R.W. Bob Ritter, Sr.
  • Marvin Steele
  • H.B. Willis


  • Johnny Huddleston
  • Lewis Wexler, Sr.


  • Jimmy Crews, Sr.
  • Larry Garland
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