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The Tennessee Tire Dealers Association (TTDA) is watching out for your interest regarding regulatory issues in the state. Steve Heath serves as TTDA's representative on the Tennessee Waste Tire Task Force. The goal for the task force is to review the existing Waste Tire Program and make recommendations for changes that improve efficiency and ensure the intent of the Solid Waste Management Act is met. The Waste Tire Task Force members and stakeholders group include representatives of State and Local Governments, including County Mayors, Solid Waste Directors, and local Solid Waste Board members; tire processors; tire manufacturers, tire retailers, and professional associations.

If you have any questions regarding TTDA's involvement with the Task Force, please contact TTDA TN Waste Tire Task Force representative Steve Heath at (931) 967-3880 or

For further information on the TN Waste Tire Task force, please visit

We will keep you up to date on any future issues and legislative matters.


The Tatman Group has been hired to serve the members of TNTDA as your full time staff! The Tatman Group will be responsible for all administrative services, membership management, accounting and financial management, conference planning and meeting management, executive management, marketing services, communication services, and daily support.

Tennessee Tire Dealers

Effective October 01, 2007
Public Chapter 602 increases the pre-disposal fee imposed on the sale of new tires from $1 to $1.35 per tire, which is the first increase since the fee was enacted in 1991. Proceeds from the tire pre-disposal fee are distributed to counties to help offset the expense of recycling and disposing of used tires. The bill also imposes a 50% penalty on dealers who under-report sales that are subject to this fee.

What can you do?

As a member of the Tennessee Tire Dealers Association, we ask that you be very aware of what is in the works with scrap tires and keep your eye on what is going on locally with your county.   If you see any changes made that make no sense or hear any rumors of change, please contact Brooks Harris at 615-330-8384.

Please get involved and communicate with us.  It is critical to the survival of a solid waste tire program where all tires are recycled properly.

If you should have any questions concerning the scrap tire issue, please contact Brooks Harris at 615-330-8384.


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